オーストラリア、ブリスベンでの展示に参加します。会期は2nd weekの方です。

“ART JAPAN 2024” by 200 Japanese Artists

Petrie Terrace Gallery
3/162 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

Date: 6 Mar (Wed)-10 Mon (Sun) / 13 Mar(Wed)-17 Mar(Sun)

The works will be rotated and exhibited in two parts, each exhibition lasting one week.

Opening Night: 7th Mar (Thu) 7pm
Everyone is welcome

An exciting exhibition of over 200 artworks created by 200 of Japan’s most promising artists.
All produced entirely in Japan, the pieces exhibited include both 2D and 3D works, along with original artist created merchandise.
With works spanning a variety of genres, from pop to modern, kawaii to traditional Japanese, and exploring a range of themes, materials and forms of expression, this exhibition is sure to include something for all art lovers.
Although on first inspection, they may seem random in nature, each artist in the exhibition has been carefully selected, through their individuality, to showcase the amazing breadth of Japanese contemporary art.